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  • Long Term Content: Daily Vlogs, full Workouts, Podcast, Q&A's

  • Repurpose long term content into micro content (short term)
    ex. Articles, stories, short reels, images, mash-ups, mems, rants, page post

  • Distribute across all platforms: Insta, YouTube shorts, Facebook page/community, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, Twitter


  • Search Relative hashtags: #fitness, #health, #self-development - Reach out to people who either:
    A) Have audiences: Ask to send or give them something for free (or just connect)
    B) You can help: Ex. "Name, I admire your dedication to healthy living. My sister and I are personal trainers and have recently left our large scale gym to start our own health and fitness business '' We are looking to help a few serious individuals change their life through customized fitness programming. We want to do this for FREE, the only thing we ask in return is this, If we help change your life in some way or form, we ask that you share our Brand with one other person.

  • Write in 2 groups to share your 'story, passion, knowledge, create relationships, add value, help'



Scheduled time

  • Record weekly podcast

  • Check emails & message boards

  • Review Post insights: what do people like?
    (engagement, comments, likes, saves)

  • One weekly Medium blog (video, audio, quote -3-5 paragraphs) Post to Facebook Instagram, LinkedInTok-tok

  • Give away books, meetings, 5 minute Face Times

  • Schedule weekly long-term/short-term content and on what platforms

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