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What you can Expect...

The cherry on top...

We wanted to create a space where we could empower each individual by helping them take the reigns in their own fitness journey. The one thing that has always stood out to us when it comes to fitness classes/groups, is that people are just going through the copycat movements.

We want to help you choose a training plan that will best align with your goals and from there help you learn how to read your training plan. This is what makes us so different from others.  We feel it is so empowering to be able to fully lead yourself and take control of your life.

Our hope is that eventually you will be coming in following your plan without any help needed, this is one of the best feelings of accomplishments when you are able to understand what you are doing and progress by yourself.

Welcome if you are new, and we hope that we answer any questions you may have!

Our class times will be updated weekly on our calendar, these times are usually going to be in larger blocks. You do not need to show up at the start of the class, you may come whenever within the times shown. 

Upon your first arrival, you will get to choose a training plan that best fits your goals and fitness level. 
From there we will help you learn the style of your plan along with go over exercises/form and cues when needed. 

Our gym is open to all ages, currently we have a team sport specific training going on MWF. 
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