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Want to see what you're capable of achieving? Win with us: K&K has transformed the lives and bodies of many. Keep scrolling to see what others have to say!

Knott Twins WINS


"I feel stronger, more confident and comfortable in my body, and really proud of myself" & "I’ve noticed some really good changes in areas I was hoping to build and definitely could not have seen these without taking the photos! They have given me back my confidence and reassurance that this plan really is working!! I’m excited to see what’s to come in the future and thank you for this plan. I’m not only enjoying it but am now seeing the results I was striving for”

-Tahlia H.


 "Before joining K&K, I had tried everything from diets, online coaches, to gym workouts, to running. With the constant inconsistency and switching, I was always frustrated and felt low energy, which would cause a slight binge eating days. Then in return, my mental and emotional state were unhealthy. Joining K&K shaped my mental and emotional state that has not happened before, and I’m a mental health therapist. I’ve learned to love myself and not base everything off “what’s expected by society”. I’ve learned to love my body shape and also give myself grace. I use to fear so many things, skipping pool days because I didn’t feel confident, not eating out or going to the opposite end of the spectrum with a “screw it all” mentality. I love being apart of the community and can’t wait to see what growth continues."

-Maddison N.


 "I've always had an elastic band experience with exercise, I'll go 6 months of consistent training and be really happy with my progress and then I'll just start making up excuses and lose everything I'd worked so hard for. After joining TWS, I've learnt how to make a healthy lifestyle sustainable for me! I don't have to miss out on delicious food, workout 7 days a week or spend hours doing cardio (THANK THE GODS!). I've learnt so much about my body and what I'm capable of! Turns out I can lift heavy stuff (who woulda thought!). I'm honestly so proud of myself and I couldn't have done it without a killer trainer on my side.

-Beth A.

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