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Grow your GLUTES with our Top 5 Tips


Okay ladies, who doesn't want a more plump hind end? We get loads of questions of how to grow your glutes. Sadly its never just one simple trick. But we all know, nothing comes without hard work, dedication and tears....maybe not tears but you get what i'm saying. We've outlined our top 5 tips to add to your training and grow that peach.

PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD....AKA TIP #1 There's a great sun-tanning analogy that I use when explaining this. It goes like this, Say everyday you go lay out in the sun for 20 minutes. The first day you notice a little bit of pink coloring to your skin. You continue the same routine of tanning for 20 minutes a day for the next week. If I were to ask you how dark you thought your skin would be, the fact of the matter is most of you would say your skin would be really, really dark. BUT not so fast, because I am not allowing my skin to have anymore than that 20 minutes of exposer a day, the stress placed upon my skin from the sun hasn't increased....therefore ladies (you all still following me..hehe) your skin would be the exact same shade. If we got darker each time we stepped into the sun we would all be burnt. This ladies, is how progressive overload works. Your body will only change and adapt if there is proper and continual stress placed on your body. This means continually increasing the demand placed on the body overtime to see your strength and muscular size increase.. aka GAINS! If we never push ourselves to go up in weights we will only be maintaining our current physic. There are a few ways to achieve progressive overload in the gym: Keep Scrolling! Increase weight lifted

  1. Increase reps

  2. Increase volume (sets)

  3. Increase time under tension (pause, tempo/slowed eccentric, half reps

  4. Improve your technique (shoot for greater range of motion)

EXERCISE SELECTION....TIP #2 You want to be hitting your glutes with a variety of exercises. These exercises will consist of mostly compound movements. Work through each their full functions.

  • Hip extension- back extension, walking lunges, glute bridge, deadlifts

  • Posterior pelvic tilt- hip thrust

  • Abduction/adduction- seated abductors, adductions (with band or machine)

  • External/Internal rotation- Side clams, fire hydrants

***Insert tough love*** Make sure you're training using weights, cardio wont grow you crap. UPCOMING!!! Keep your eyes peeled for our Booty Burner ebook releasing mid January! Grow your peach following our program specifically designed to work those muscles with low, medium and high reps with a range of high, moderate and light weights. NUTRITION...TIP#3 Ladies...ladies, we can expect to grow anything if we are not eating enough! You know how when we want to lose weight we need less energy available in our body to store so we need to consume less food? Well, we need sufficient energy in our body to go towards building the muscle - enter the calorie surplus. By slightly increasing our food intake to be above where we maintain, we may see faster results for muscle building. Side notes:

  • Yes you can build muscle when dieting BUT this is for more novice trainers (you will need sufficient protein)

  • Yes you can build muscle from maintenance calories (again for more novice trainers) or just a slower approach for more advanced trainers

  • Yes you will gain fat when you eat in a surplus - I like a more conservative surplus of 100-200 additional daily calories

  • Some people will need a more aggressive calorie surplus than others for this to be effective

  • You’ll need to get comfortable with putting on fat - this is part of the deal, you can diet to lose the fat gained after your building phase

  • You need to commit to this - consistently eat in a surplus, ideally from whole foods, sufficient protein + carbs and accept that it will take time (minimum 4 months for a surplus) up to 8 months is ideal GIVE IT TIME....TIP# 4 You impatient little thing! Just like the pryamids, a big booty won’t be built in a day. Building muscle takes TIME as I mentioned above anywhere from 4-8 months is a good time frame to be eating in a surplus and doing a building phase. Even longer to see results if you’re doing it from a deficit or maintenance. People build muscle at different rates, just like people lose weight at different rates too. If you’re really serious about getting results, you need to commit to the long term game plan. RECOVERY....LAST TIP If there was one common error in most peoples training routines, it would be there lack or rest and recovery days. It is so SO heavily underutilized. I get it, its hard to get out of the mindset that you are wasting precious gains. BUT can you guess when most of our gains occur? When we're recovering!!



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