WE are all about changing it up; changing your lifestyle, fitness routine, mind chatter you name it! You will find next level fitness secrets, balance mind/nutrition, and lifestyle hacks to find the most confident and happy version of you, from the inside out. We take the guesswork out of it, so you can finally put your mind at ease.

There is so much mixed advice out there and fad diets, everyone has completely over complicated what is actually a very simple process. It's easy to get confused, we were their once too in those same shoes of being confused, and unhappy for years unable to make a change.

We find that so many women are looking for results quick that they jump on the train straight to BURNOUT by eliminating much of the happiness in their lives to achieve their dream body. We are here to show you how to change that all around with our help. By applying our guidelines to balanced nutrition catered to you, and finding a workout routine you adore (yes, it exists!) is the secret to living a thriving life with a kickass bod, radiating vibrance from the inside out. 


Our story begins...

We are the Knott twins,

aka... Kaitlin and Kayla, Identical twin sisters. Being twins has been the biggest blessing, we literally have a built in best friend who not only looks and talks like ourselves but can say the same EXACT sentence at the same EXACT time (I don't know about you, but that sounds like a best friend to me.) Coming from a family of 7 with 3 brothers you could say their was a lot of competitiveness in our circle. We grew up playing 3 sports year round. Through high school we learned quickly that being involved in sports filled that competitive itch we grew up with. Fast forward to our freshman year of college, we found ourselves low on energy and motivation. We had to find a passion that would satisfy our need for movement and hard work. From that point forward we used our knowledge and added to our expertise through research and trial. 

We went through a phase where we thought that the way to our dream body was to cut out any “unclean” foods, from sugar, to alcohol, to fats and nearly everything in between. We lost touch with our bodies which led to a restricting and binging roller coaster. Trying to abide by all “healthy rules” on social media We’d developed an obsessed monster inside of us. We lost ourselves, all for a body We never really found. After a wake up call we knew we needed to find balance with food, and love and appreciation for our bodies. We began to find our way out. Through incredible amounts of inner mindset work, along with researching credible nutrition and fitness, We discovered a new perspective. We fell in love with sustainable nutrition, learning to feed our bodies to sustain a confident body, but also enjoy foods we love without restriction or rules. It was then that we knew that we wanted to share and help others discover a balanced healthy lifestyle, a love for exercise, and to live a life worth living. Why should anyone else have to go through all the ups and downs to finally find the same self love?

While working our day job as a licensed PT for a large gym and evening job as assistant teachers, We worked morning and night to find a way to live our passion and share it with others. We have said sayonara to many cushy jobs, only to follow our passion and purpose by beginning our coaching practice and lifestyle brand from the ground up. Each day pushing ourselves and each other to grow, we have finally found our purpose in life - to help YOU find YOUR best health, confidence, and happiness. We have created and tailored our training styles through multiple years of PT, group fitness, and putting each other through our bullet proof methods. Its time to make a change WITH us!