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Trouble Sticking to Your Diet + Achieving Fat Loss??

Want to know the best diet for weight loss? Spoiler alert: it’s the one you can actually stick to. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when everywhere you look people are talking about the ‘best’ diets for fat loss. We can get so swept up in the latest trends like keto, intermittent fasting, low carb or low fat, that we forget all about the most important part: adherence.

In the K&K version of the hierarchy of importance for fat loss, adherence is the second most important factor in determining the long-term success of your diet, second to actually being in an energy deficit. (Consuming less energy than your body is expending) While macros and food choices play an important role, they are all pointless unless we are able to adhere to our diet.

If you hate the diet you’re on, and it’s so far off from what you deem ‘normal’, chances are you won’t stick to it. Why put yourself through the yo-yo effect of crash diets and restriction only to gain that weight back when you can no longer succeed in following your plans aggressive approach. Fat loss takes time, so it’s important that when we embark on a weight loss journey, we set ourselves up for success further down the track by taking a sustainable and enjoyable approach. This is where 80% whole foods + 20% sole foods come in the picture. If you are that person who just loves your nightly sweet before bed...don't take that away from yourself! Incorporating foods that are less nutritious is okay, every food should have a place in our diet if we want it too. Just remember, success looks different for everyone!

Here are our best tips for staying adherent:

  • Ask yourself, ‘can I see myself doing this 2, 6, or even 12 weeks in the future?’ If the answer is no, then revamp your meal plan

  • Include a range of foods you love in your diet so you don’t feel restricted - personally I have chocolate or something to fill my sweet tooth every day

  • Do what feels best for you. Don’t buy into the diet industry lies, no amount of detox teas or fat loss gimmicks will get you to your goals faster than a healthy diet

  • Make sure you actually enjoy what you’re eating! Fat loss shouldn’t be a punishment and you shouldn’t feel like you’re suffering

  • Spend time planning - make sure you have menu planned, grocery shopped and meal prepped for the week ahead, and then you will be less likely to go off-track when in a rush. Check out our k&k blog for some delicious recipe ideas

If you’re struggling with staying adherent, or finding a program that you truly love, let us take care of the hard stuff for you. Come train with us by downloading our FREE 6 Week Shred eBook, we give you the tools to change your own life for the better and learn how it feels to actually love your diet. Not to mention you will get some of our favorite recipes to try for yourself!

Kayla and Kaitlin xx


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